Caring for Carers

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What's in the booklet?

In the journey of a blood cancer patient, you as their carer play a crucial role. However, you may sometimes feel like you are left behind, or your emotions are neglected, and all the attention is focused on the patient. This bookletis designed to provide you with support on how to deal with the emotions you may face as a carer.

A carer is defined as someone who helps another person in their day- to-day life. This could be a spouse, a child under 18, a near relative or a friend.

You may experience all of the emotions featured in this booklet, some of them, or maybe none at all. Experiences vary from person to person.

This booklet and the organisations listed in it are available to help you with whatever you may be facing.

This hardcopy version of our booklet can be ordered free of charge to UK addresses. 

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