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Biodegradable Leukaemia Care pen

Biodegradable Leukaemia Care pen

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Introducing the Leukaemia Care Charity Biodegradable Pen - a sustainable writing tool that supports a great cause. This pen is not only stylish and functional but also eco-friendly, making it a perfect addition to any conscious consumer's collection.

The pen features a vibrant red color with the iconic Leukaemia Care logo in crisp, clean white. Its sleek design and prominent branding make it a great conversation starter and a meaningful way to show your support for Leukaemia Care.

What sets this pen apart from others is its biodegradable material - it is made from wheat fibres, a renewable resource that is easily decomposable. This makes it a great alternative to traditional plastic pens that can take centuries to decompose and contribute to environmental pollution. 80% of the materials will biodegrade - simply take out the nib before adding it to the compost pile. 

Despite being made from sustainable materials, the pen does not compromise on quality. It writes smoothly and features a comfortable grip for easy handling, making it ideal for everyday use.


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