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9/22 CML short sleeve t-shirt - Red

9/22 CML short sleeve t-shirt - Red

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9/22 CML themed t-shirts

With the warmer weather here in much of the UK, we’re excited to launch our new 9/22 t-shirts on a pre-order basis.

This t-shirt is made of 100% cotton. 

On the front of the t-shirt, you will find an embroidered 9/22 logo and on the sleeve of the t-shirt, you’ll find an embroidered Leukaemia Care logo.

Our new 9/22 logo

Why 9/22? 

Most cases of CML start during cell division, when DNA is "swapped" between chromosomes 9 and 22. Part of chromosome 9 goes to 22 and part of 22 goes to 9. The swapping of DNA between the chromosomes leads to the formation of a new gene (an oncogene) called BCR-ABL. This gene then produces the BCR-ABL protein, which is the type of protein called a tyrosine kinase. This protein causes CML cells to grow and divide out of control.

The logo, which is found on the right side of the chest of this design, is the representation of chromosomes 9 and 22 - a very subtle way of acknowledging CML. 

The design is embroidered rather than printed onto the t-shirts. 

How much are the t-shirts? 

Each t-shirt costs £14 with the proceeds going to Leukaemia Care to help us to fund our patient services. 

For a limited time, we are offering free postage on these t-shirts too. 


These t-shirts are a unisex fit and come in the following sizes: 


To fit a chest of




38 - 40" 


42 - 44" 


46 - 48"




The pre-ordering period will open today (23rd March 2022) and will close on 6th April at midday. The order will be made on 6th April with a delivery date (to LC offices) of 7-14 days after the order has been placed. Once at the Leukaemia Care offices, t-shirts will be dispatched immediately and should take no longer than three days to arrive at a UK address. Therefore, pre-orders should be with you by no later than 23rd April 2022. 


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